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Nałęczów City Bike Regulations

Regulations for the use of the NRM System - Nałęczowski Rower Miejski


I. Preamble.

These Regulations define the rules and conditions for the use of the NRM - Nałęczowski Rower Miejski, hereinafter referred to as NRM, operating in the city of Nałęczów.

The Regulations are available free of charge on the website and in the mobile application. An excerpt from the Regulations is also available at the Stations of the NRM system.


II. Definitions     

2.1 Special actions - promotional and information campaigns carried out for the Clients of the NRM System during the System's operation, to promote it in terms of the emergence of new functionalities of the NRM System or new bicycle stations.

2.2 Mobile application - software of the NRM system running on mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, palmtops or tablets. The provider of the NRM Mobile Application is Filfri.

2.3 Customer Service Office of the NRM System - Helpline providing contact with the Operator of the NRM System by telephone, at the number +48 815 655 655, voicemail and e-mail, at the following e-mail address :             

2.4 Filfri - proper name of the technical and ICT infrastructure system created by Comdrev Sp. z o. o., which is the supplier of the IT system, which requires registration in order to use the NRM System.

2.5 Client ID - the Client's mobile phone number (Login) provided during registration and a 6-digit PIN number assigned by the Client during the registration process in the NRM System. 

2.6 Customer - User of the NRM System, who registered in the NRM System, on the website or in the mobile application, accepted the Regulations and the Agreement, confirmed the registration with the activation link in the message received at the e-mail address provided during registration and paid the initial fee / deposit in the amount of PLN 19.00 gross (say: nineteen zlotys 00/100).

2.7 Top-up amount - the amount paid by the Customer in the form of a prepayment (top-up) to the personal pre-paid account of the Customer, fully to be used to cover the fees for using the NRM system according to the Table of Fees.

2.8 Securing rope - Chain with a combination lock used to secure the bike when parked or return the bike at the station in the case of a full station.

2.9 Map of the MRN System stations - the area of ​​the city of Nałęczów where the stations are located, presented on the website, Bike Stations and in the mobile application within which the NRM system operates. 

2.10 System area - administrative borders of the City of Nałęczów, within which it is allowed to use the bikes of the NRM System, marked on the System map.

2.11 The NRM System Operator - the entity that provides services related to the operation of the NRM System is the City Hall in Nałęczów.

2.12 Initial fee / deposit - one-time, non-returnable, minimum fee of PLN 19 paid by the Customer during registration in the NRM System, which is the condition for entitlement to start using the system. The amount is non-refundable and fully usable to cover the first rentals .

2.13. Organizer of the NRM system - City Hall, Mayor of the City of Nałęczów.

2.14 Internet Payments - fast online payment systems operated by external service providers.

2.15 Client Account - a personal account of the Client in the NRM System, where credits and debits are made for the use of the NRM System in accordance with the Table of Fees. 

2.16 Regulations or Regulations of the NRM System - these regulations describe the rules and conditions of using the NRM System, the scope of rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Operator and the Customer, as well as information regarding the processing of personal data. Acceptance of the Regulations and fulfillment of all the conditions set out therein is a prerequisite for joining and using the NRM system. The Client concludes an agreement with the Operator of the NRM system upon registration, accepting the Regulations.

2.17 Bike - the basic vehicle of the NRM system, used for renting and moving around in the system area after renting it from a NRM station, standard, electric and equipped with a seat.

2.18 The Cargo Bike, hereinafter referred to as the Special Bike - a lorry bike used to carry additional loads with a total weight of 50 kg and one child. Equipped with seat belts. Billed at a separate tariff

2.19 Tandem Bike, hereinafter referred to as the Special Bike - a bike used for moving two people at the same time. Billed at a separate tariff.

2.20 Service of the NRM System - technical service of the system, dealing with the maintenance, allocation and repairs of the NRM System.

2.21 NRM Station - place of rental and return of bikes by Customers, marked with the symbol of the NRM System, equipped with bike stands to which all types of bikes are returned (parked).

2.22 Stand - Element of the bicycle station - bicycle parking stand in the form of a specialized stand supporting the front wheel of the bicycle.

2.23 NRM System - technical and teleinformation infrastructure, software, devices and bikes operating 24 hours a day, for the provision of maintenance-free, short-term rental of bikes, also referred to in the following parts of the Regulations as "Service" and "Rental".

2.24 Table of fees - price list of services and fees of the NRM System, constituting Annex 2 to the Regulations, available on the website, in the mobile application and on totems located at NRM Stations

2.25 Agreement - an agreement between the Client and the Operator of the NRM system establishing mutual rights and obligations specified in the Regulations. The contract is concluded upon the acceptance of the Regulations by the Customer, confirmation of registration in the activation link and payment of a one-time, non-returnable initial fee / deposit during the registration process in the NRM System.

2.26 Bike rental - commencement of using the NRM bike, counted at the moment of opening the Smart Lock located on the rear part of the NRM bike. The billing is done according to the price lists for individual types of bikes. Bike rental is described in more detail in section VII. Of the Regulations: "Renting a bicycle". 

2.27 Return of the bike - termination of the use of the bike by the User at any NRM Station by closing the Smart Lock type clamp located on the rear part of the bike. The return of the bicycle is described in clause IX. Of the Regulations: "Bike return".  


III Access to the Service

3.1 Full access to the Service is possible provided that the Customer's end device meets the following combined technical requirements:

having a mobile device with an active mobile number with the Android or iOS operating system

having an active e-mail account (e - mail address), enabling contact with the Operator / NRM Helpline,

having access to a device that allows browsing websites with an installed operating system that allows the device to work with one of the following web browsers installed: Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.

having an active connection to the Internet,

having Java Script enabled in the client's web browser (enabled by default in the web browser),

3.2. The NRM System Operator informs that it is also possible to use other operating systems and web browsers on the end device referred to above, however, in such a situation, due to technological reasons, it cannot ensure proper operation.

3.3. The operator also provides the latest version of the Mobile Application available for devices with iOS and Android operating systems. For the application to work properly, you should always install the latest available version and have the latest software installed on the User's end device.


IV General conditions of using the NRM System

4.1 The condition for using the NRM System is that the Client carries out the registration procedure at or in the mobile application. The procedure consists in providing by the Customer the required, correct and true personal data (name and surname) and contact details (e-mail address and telephone number), acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations, correct verification of the e-mail address by clicking on the link received by e-mail on address provided during registration and payment of a non-returnable initial payment / deposit in the amount of PLN 19.

4.2 Providing and providing personal data by the Customer in the registration form is voluntary, however, it is necessary in order to use the NRM System. More information on the protection of personal data can be found in point VI below.

4.3 The NRM System Operator shall issue a bike to the Client for use on the terms and conditions contained in the Regulations. The Client undertakes to comply with the terms of the Regulations, in particular to pay the fees for renting the bike to the bank account indicated by the Operator, via an individual account in the NRM System and to use the bike in accordance with its intended purpose.

4.4 The condition for using the NRM System is that the Client has funds in the Client's Account in the amount of at least PLN 10.00 (say: ten PLN 00/100), and this amount applies to the right to rent one bike. 

In the case of a single rental of several bikes (up to 5), the necessary condition is that the Client has funds on the Client's Account in the amount of at least PLN 10 gross (say: ten zlotys 00/100) for each bike rented. The User should also secure the amount that he intends to use for journeys carried out in the NRM System

4.5. The Client bears full responsibility for the bike from the moment it is rented - it is collected from the Station, until the bike is returned - it is placed at the Station and the bike return procedure is completed, subject to point 4.6 of this chapter of the Regulations. The Client is responsible in particular for any damage caused by his fault, from the moment of renting the bike from any Station, until the return of the bike, at any Station or virtual station.

4.6 Minors who are under 18 years of age or other persons with limited legal capacity must, before concluding the Agreement, provide the Operator with the written consent of their parents or other legal representatives (legal guardians) - to conclude the Agreement and a declaration of acceptance of the Regulations, taking over by parents or other statutory representatives (legal guardians) of liability for any damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the Agreement, as well as other damage caused by the fault of a minor. The declaration template is available on the website (Annex 1). The signed declaration must be delivered to the Operator by sending it by registered mail to the address of the Operator of the NRM System.

4.7 The Client is obliged to immediately notify the Customer Service Office of the NRM System about the bike theft made during the bike rental and immediately report this fact to the local Police unit.

The Client is responsible for the theft of the rented bike and bears financial responsibility for it if the theft results from inadequate protection against theft during the rental period, including e.g. failure to secure the bike with the Smart Lock security clamp.

4.8 The use of the rented bike is allowed in the city of Nałęczów, in the area specified by the Operator of the NRM System, presented on the website and in the mobile application.


V. Liability / Obligation of the Client.

5.1. The Client is responsible for the use of the bike in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the provisions of the Highway Code.

5.2. The Client undertakes to terminate the rental in a condition not deteriorated from the condition in which the Client rented the bike.

5.3. During the rental period, the Client undertakes to ensure that the bike is properly and effectively secured against theft and any damage, including securing the bike with a Smart Lock.

5.4. Providing the bicycle or account to a third party by the Customer is against the provisions of the Regulations and does not relieve the Customer from liability for its damage or theft (in the situation specified in point 4.7 of the Regulations) until the end of the rental.

5.5 The Customer is fully responsible for the consequences of events arising from the violation of applicable law and the Regulations when using the NRM System. The System Operator is not liable in this respect.

5.6 It is forbidden to use the NRM System by persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, psychotropic substances or substitutes within the meaning of the regulations on counteracting drug addiction, as well as drugs and substances the use of which is a contraindication to driving.

5.7. The use of bikes within the NRM System may take place solely for non-commercial purposes and solely for the personal use of the Client.

5.8 In the event of destruction / damage to the infrastructure of the NRM System (bikes, Stations) resulting from improper use or violation of the provisions of the Regulations or provisions of generally applicable law, the Customer will be obliged to cover all costs of repair and restore the damaged / damaged infrastructure to the state before destruction / damage.

The operator will issue a bill or a VAT invoice for the repair of the destroyed / damaged infrastructure of the NRM System.

5.9 Deliberate damage to the infrastructure of the NRM System will result in the System Operator submitting a notification of a crime to the law enforcement agencies, the damaging party's liability for damages / destruction, and the necessity for the perpetrator to bear all costs resulting from the damage / destruction.

5.10. In cases attributable to the Customer, any possible damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the contract shall be borne by the Customer.

5.11 The Client is forbidden to transport the bikes by any means of private transport.

5.12 In the event of loss / damage / destruction of the bike by the Client, specified in the cases indicated in point 4.7 or 5.8 of the Regulations, the total cost of the bike restoration is covered by the Client.

5.13 The Client is obliged to immediately pay all costs, penalties, fines and administrative fees imposed on him in connection with the use of the bike in violation of applicable law and the Regulations.

5.14 Exceeding the 12-hour bike rental period by the Client results in additional costs specified in the Table of Fees.

5.15 If an accident or collision occurs during the bike rental, the Client is obliged to make a statement or call the Police to the scene. The customer is obliged to inform the Customer Service Office about this fact immediately after the occurrence of such an event.


VI. Registration and Rules for the processing of personal data


6.1 Customer registration in the NRM System takes place in the mobile application or on the website and is a prerequisite for using the NRM System.

6.2 In order to register in the NRM System, it is necessary to provide the following data:



e-mail address,

telephone number.

The telephone number provided by the Customer during the registration process is also the Login (Customer ID) in the NRM System. The Customer may also log into the System with the account name or the e-mail address provided during registration

6.3 Providing and providing personal data by the Customer in the registration form is voluntary, however, it is necessary in order to use the NRM System.

During registration, the Customer must accept the Regulations of the NRM System - in order to conclude an agreement with the Operator of the NRM System. Providing data and accepting the Regulations is necessary in order to create an account and use the NRM System.

6.5 The administrator of personal data is the Nałęczów Commune, ul. Lipowa 3 (24-150 Nałęczów), NIP: 7162145175 REGON: 000529226, contact phone: 81 50-14-331 e-mail address:

6.6 If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us as follows:

e-mail contact at

written contact by traditional mail to the address: Gmina Nałęczów, ul. Lipowa 3 (24-150 Nałęczów)

6.7 Personal data provided by the Customer are processed by the Operator of the NRM System only for the purposes of the System's operation, in order to perform the Agreement, consider complaints and to establish, investigate or defend any claims.

6.8 The basis for the processing of the Customer's personal data by the administrator of the Customer's personal data is the necessity to conclude and perform the contract with the Customer, the conclusion of which takes place through the Customer's acceptance of the Regulations of the NRM System, the desire to provide urban bicycle transport, which is the Commune's own task, the obligation to fulfill legal obligations, as well as legally legitimate interest (in particular the determination, investigation or defense of claims).

6.9 The recipients of Customers' personal data will be:

Operator of the NRM System,

Filfri as a provider of ICT infrastructure,

entities acting on behalf of the NRM System Operator on its behalf, which provide and support ICT systems of the NRM Operator (general ICT infrastructure, e-mail, etc.),

independent administrators - service providers that support internet payments as well as credit and debit cards,

public entities authorized under the applicable law to receive personal data (eg the police).

Personal data will be made available only if there is a legal basis for it. In the case of entities providing services to the administrator or the NRM System Operator (i.e. acting on their behalf and on their behalf), the administrator or the Operator will conclude a data processing agreement, and the data will be entrusted only to entities that guarantee an appropriate level of security of the entrusted personal data.

The Administrator and Operator of the NRM System ensures that all its employees and associates processing the personal data of the Clients have been authorized to do so, and are also obliged to keep all information confidential and confidential.

6.10 In connection with the processing of personal data, the Customer has the right to:

request that we provide you with further information on how your personal data is used,

request that we provide access to personal data and provide a copy of the data that has been provided to us,

receive in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format the personal data that has been provided to us and - if technically possible - request the transfer of these data to another administrator without any obstacles, if their processing is based on consent or contract and in automated way,

request that we correct any inaccuracies in the data we have,

request that we delete any data for which we no longer have legal grounds to process,

object to a given processing based on a legitimate interest for reasons related to the specific situation of the client, unless our grounds for processing override the interests, rights and freedoms of the client,

request restriction of data processing, e.g. for the time the complaint is processed,

submit a complaint to the supervisory body - the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

The rights indicated above may be exercised by: (1) e-mail contact at (2) written contact, via traditional mail, to the address of the registered office of the NRM System Operator or the data administrator.

6.11 The provided personal data and data collected on the basis of the Customer's activity (e.g. routes) are not subject to any profiling activities, nor are they the basis for automated decision making.

6.12 Each Customer who has completed the registration procedure, after logging into his account in the NRM System, has access to all his data, has the option of updating them in the NRM System and access to transactions and rentals for the duration of the Agreement.

6.13 Personal data will be processed by the administrator and the Operator as long as the Customer has an account in the NRM System, it will be necessary to provide services or for the period of providing the services of bike rentals to the Organizer of the NRM System. The Operator will also store the Customer's personal data as necessary to comply with legal obligations, settle disputes or enforce the provisions of concluded contracts (in particular towards the Organizer of the NRM System and the Customers).

If there is no need to process the personal data of the Customers for the purposes specified in the Regulations, we will delete the Customer's personal data.

6.14 The Operator reserves the right to contact the Customer only in matters related to the implementation of the Agreement.







VII Payment methods.

7.1 The User pays a fee for using the NRM System by making a payment to a dedicated pre-paid account, i.e. a bank account created by the Operator in order to enable the Client to use the NRM System.

The payment to the pre-paid account is made using the PayU internet payment service portal or implemented on the website after the Customer logs into his account in the NRM System.

7.2 A correctly credited payment is the moment when the funds are on the Customer's prepaid account.



VIII. Bicycle rental.

8.1. The condition for renting a bike is having an active account in the System and having a positive balance on the Client's Account, not less than PLN 10.00 gross (nineteen 00/100).

The User is also required to have an active mobile phone number that enables constant contact with the Customer Service Office of the NRM System.

8.2 Bikes can be rented at any station NRM after logging in to a plication m Obilná NRM Identifier System Client (mobile number) when given at registration and follow the onscreen prompts on the mobile app.

8.3 Before collecting the selected bike from the Stand, the Client is obliged to make sure that the bike is suitable for the agreed use.

The customer should check, in particular, whether the bicycle tires are inflated, wheel nuts are tightened with appropriate force, the chain is not too loose, the brakes are operational, that the handlebar is not too loose and that it has an efficient electronic Smart-Lock fastened to the frame. If, despite multiple scanning of the QR code on the bike, the Smart-Lock does not open, contact BOK in order to settle the ride and report the defect 

In the event of an improper condition of the bike, the Client should immediately contact the Customer Service Office of the NRM System.

8.4 The Client may use the Standstill function in the mobile application which enables parking the bike in any place chosen by the client for any time (e.g. going to a restaurant or a shop) . To activate the Stop function, select the number of the currently rented bike , click the Stop button and close the Smart Lock .
During the stop, the time for renting is continued, and the fee for renting is identical to the type of bike selected by the User. While the User uses the Park function, the bike is not available to other users. To resume the rental, click Resume on the button with the bike number. (The activation of the stop function is not the same as the return of the bike.

8.5 In case of detection of any fault in the bike, the Client is obliged to return the bicycle to the nearest station and inform about this fact Offices and Customer Service System NRM quoting the side of the bicycle.

8.6 The bicycle is equipped with a basket located at the front of the bicycle. The basket is designed to transport small items weighing less than 15 kg.

It is strictly forbidden to transport children in the basket.

Heavier items placed in the basket may be damaged, for which the Operator is not responsible. It is forbidden to transport sharp items protruding beyond the rim of the basket.

In the event of an accident or other incident resulting from improper use of the basket by the Customer, the Operator shall not be liable for any damage to the items or goods transported in the basket.

8. 7 The maximum load for a bicycle designated for use by 1 person cannot exceed 90 kg.

8. 8 The bike rented in the NRM System should be used in accordance with its intended use. A bike which is a means of public transport is designed to move between NRM Stations. The bicycle is not intended for competitive riding, off-paved riding, racing, or pushing or pulling any thing or person.

8. 9 The Cargo bike is equipped with a box located in the front part of the bike. The box is adapted to transport a child or additional loads with a total weight not exceeding 50 kg. The bicycle is equipped with seat belts which must be fastened while driving, in the case of transporting a child. 

8. 10 In the event of any problems with the rental of a bike at a given Station, the Client should immediately contact the Customer Service Office of the NRM System. The Helpline employee will inform you about a possible solution.

8.1 1 It is forbidden to use any security, which is not an element of the NRM System, to block a bike at the Station. If such security is detected, the Operator reserves the right to remove it, charging the Customer with the costs of such action in accordance with the Table of Fees.

8.1 2 It is forbidden to insert, and in particular fasten, any other bikes to the Station with the use of any fastening.


IX. Duration of the loan.

9.1 The Client is obliged to return the bike no later than before the end of the twelfth hour of rental.

9.2 Exceeding the time of renting a bike results in the commencement of security measures and results in charging fees in accordance with the Table of fees

9.3 The requirement set out in point 9.1 does not apply to Clients taking part in special actions.


X. Returning the bicycle.

10.1 return of the bike can be made by the Customer at any station by ws Tawi bike to the rack and for speeding clips Smart Lock located on the rear of the bike. The customer should ensure that the bike is properly locked by checking the condition of the Smart Lock. The correct return will be signaled by a voice signal .

It is not necessary to perform any other steps. The bike will be recognized in the NRM System and automatically billed.

10.2 If there is no free space in the Station (the station is overcrowded and there is no free stand), the Client is obliged to return the bike as close to the station as possible, using the leg with which each bike is equipped and the Smart Lock on the back. bicycle

10.3 If the procedure of returning the bike is incorrect due to the fault of the Client, the Client is liable for any damage caused by the Operator's culpable action.


XI Repairs and Breakdowns

11.1. Any failures should be reported by phone to the Customer Service Office of the NRM System at the telephone number +48 815 655 655 or in the mobile application

In the event of any failure that prevents further ride, the Client must stop, notify the Customer Service Office of the NRM System by phone and return the bike to the nearest Station.

11.2. The Client undertakes to act in a manner limiting the possibility of causing damage or being liable for any reason due to improper use of the bike. The Client is obliged to be able to contact the Customer Service Office of the NRM System at all times when renting a bike.

11.3. It is forbidden to make any repairs, modifications or replacements of parts in the rented bike on one's own. The only authorized entity to perform these activities is the NRM Service



XII. Charges

12.1 The amount of the fee for bike rental is specified in the Table of Fees available on the website, in the mobile application and at Stations (Annex 2 to the Regulations). The fee is calculated according to the number of minutes of bike rental, starting from the moment of unlocking the lock in the rental process, ending at the end of the rental - correct return of the bike to the Station.

12.2 The fees for using the bike depend on the length of the rental period.

12.3 If the fees due to the Operator for the use of the bicycle exceed the funds in the User's Account, the User is obliged to balance the User's Account with a balance of at least PLN 0.00 within 7 days.


XIII. Complaints.

13.1 A complaint is a Customer 's request via the website for a refund due to non-performance or improper performance of the Service.

13.2 Any complaints related to the services provided on the basis of these Regulations should be submitted to the Operator of the NRM System via the website after logging into the user's account. No other forms of submitting complaints are allowed.

13. 3 The NRM System Operator shall consider the submitted complaint within 21 days from the date of its submission or supplementation.

In the event of supplementing the complaint, the deadline for considering the complaint starts to run from the date of delivery of supplementary documents, additional explanations or information.

Next, the Customer will be sent feedback to the e-mail address provided during registration.

13. 4 In the case of cases, the degree of difficulty of which makes it impossible to consider in the above-mentioned time, it is permissible to extend the examination time to 30 days, with prior information to the claimant about such necessity.

13. 5 If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, before considering the complaint, the Operator of the NRM System asks the person submitting the complaint to supplement it to the extent necessary.

13. 6 Filing a complaint does not release the User from the obligation of timely fulfillment of already due obligations towards the Operator of the NRM System and payment of the due and due fees within 7 days of the event.

13. 7 The Client has the right to appeal against the decision issued by the Operator of the NRM System within 14 days of its delivery to the Client.

Appeals are considered within 21 days from the date of their receipt at the e-mail address: bok @ filfri .pl

The Customer has the right to submit an application to the Operator for reconsideration of the case being the subject of the decision issued as a result of the complaint.

13. 8 The complaint procedure is also considered exhausted when the Operator of the NRM System fails to provide feedback on the complaint.  

13. 9 . In the case of positive complaints, the loans subject to the complaint are returned to the Customer's Prepaid Account for subsequent rentals .



XIV. Withdrawal from the contract.

14.1 The User has the right to withdraw from the Agreement concluded with the Operator of the NRM System, without submitting any additional explanations, within 14 days from the date of its conclusion.

For this purpose, the User sends a declaration of withdrawal from the Agreement to the Operator's address: . 

14.2 The condition for the use of the NRM System in the case of a consumer within 14 days from the conclusion of the Agreement is the request to start the provision of the service before the deadline for withdrawal. In this case, the Customer will be obliged to pay the amount due for the services provided until notification of withdrawal from the Agreement.

In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement by the Customer, when the balance of the Customer's Account is negative, the Customer is obliged to balance PLN 0.00 (in words zero) within 7 days from the date of withdrawal from the Agreement.

14.3 The funds paid into the Customer's Account are refundable in the event of withdrawal from the Agreement by the Customer within 14 days from the date of its conclusion.

However, the above does not apply to the situation where, with the consent of the Customer, the service was performed before the deadline for withdrawal from the concluded Agreement.


XV. Termination.

15.1 The Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time. The termination of the Agreement should be sent in electronic form to the email address along with the data enabling the Customer's identification entered during registration to the NRM System, i.e.

name and surname,

telephone number (Login)

● e-mail address provided during registration

bank account number to which funds remaining on the Customer's Account are to be refunded.


15.2 In the event of termination of the Agreement by the Client, when the balance of the Client's Account is negative, the Client is obliged to bring it to the balance of PLN 0.00 (in words: zero zlotys), within 7 days from the date of termination, regardless of the provisions of point 12.3 of the Regulations.

15.3 The Operator reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for important reasons, i.e. in the event of a breach by the Customer of the provisions of the Regulations, such as:


failure to settle the fee for exceeding the twelve-hour period of bicycle rental,

failure to settle the payment for possible damage to the infrastructure of the NRM System,

failure to settle the negative balance on the account within 7 days, after the Customer has been unsuccessfully requested to cease or remove the violations.


XVI. Final Provisions.

16.1 Use of the NRM System requires:

appropriate health of the Client, enabling safe use of the bike;

having the skills and authorization to move around by bicycle;

knowledge of traffic rules, in particular the Law on Road Traffic of 20 June 1997. (Dz. U. No. 98, item. 602 of póź . D.).

16.2 The Operator reserves the right to amend the provisions of the Regulations. Information about changes in the Regulations will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer during the registration in the System NRM or otherwise specified by the customer e-mail a month in advance, unless the change results from directly from changes FOR IN provisions of law, whose introduction was faster. The User may terminate the Agreement, but the termination should be sent to the address of the Operator's registered office within the time limit until the amendments to the Regulations come into force. Failure to terminate the notice within the specified period means acceptance of the changes to the Regulations by the Customer

16.3 In the event of a breach of any of the provisions of the Regulations resulting in damage to the Operator, the Operator reserves the right to block the Customer's account in the NRM System until the matter is resolved.

16.4 In matters not covered by the Regulations, applicable law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code and the Act - Road Traffic Law.


16.5 The Regulations enter into force on 1/04/2021 and are valid until 31/11/2021



Appendix 1




Pursuant to the requirements of point 3.7 of the Regulations of the self-service NRM city bike rental in Nałęczów, I, the undersigned ………………………………… .. …………………, with an identity card / passport * number: …………………………, having a PESEL number: …………………, residing in ……………………………… .., as a statutory representative: ………………………… .. ………………… .. …… (name and surname of the minor), residing in …………………… .., having a PESEL number: ………… ............., hereby declare that:

1. I consent to the accession by the above-mentioned a minor to the system of paid self-service rental of city bikes NRM in Nałęczów, hereinafter referred to as the System, in accordance with the regulations available at;   

2. I am familiar with the above-mentioned regulations, I accept its content and agree to the provisions of the above-mentioned Regulations, including the rules for the processing of personal data;   

3. I undertake to cover any possible damages and claims arising in connection with the use by the above-mentioned a minor from the NRM System.   

4. I declare that the above-mentioned the minor has a valid bicycle license or a driving license of the appropriate category;   

……………………… ..

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Appendix No. 2

TABLE OF CHARGES for NRM Bikes (gross amounts)



One-time initial payment - PLN 19.


Price list for standard bikes:

From 0 to 10 minutes - PLN 0.

From 11 minutes on, every minute started - PLN 0.05


Price list for standard bikes with a seat:

From 0 to 10 minutes - PLN 0.

From 11 minutes on, every minute started - PLN 0.05


Price list for Tandem bikes:

From 0 to 10 minutes - PLN 0.

From 11 minutes on, every minute started - PLN 0.05


Price list for Cargo bikes:

From 0 to 10 minutes - PLN 0.

From 11 minutes on, every minute started - PLN 0.10


Price list for electric bikes:

From 0 to 10 minutes - PLN 0.

From 11 minutes on, every minute started - PLN 0.10


* Charging is per minute.



The minimum amount required to rent one bike - PLN 10

The maximum number of rented bikes per one user is 5 . the account balance necessary to rent each subsequent bike is PLN 10.00. 


Additional fees 

Returning the bike outside the parking zone - PLN 20

Bike return outside the system operation area - PLN 200

The maximum time of renting a bike is 12 hours - exceeding this means an additional fee of - PLN 200

Fee for removing a non-statutory bike lock - PLN 200

Cost of restoring a standard bike - PLN 4,000.

The replacement cost rowe year at the standard of the seat - 5500 zł

The cost of t worzenia tandem bicycle - 8700 zł

The cost of restoring a Cargo bike - PLN 11,200

The cost of restoring an electric bike PLN 12,500 .